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SPMG 4667: Legal Issues for Sports Management

A research guide for Courtney Flowers' Fall 2012 course, Legal Issues for Sports Management

Identifying unknown cases

For other projects this semester you are asked to research to identify cases about certain legal issues in sports management. This means you have to identify the names of the parties involved so you can research the cases.

Law Reviews publish articles about law and cases. Searching topics in law reviews and then skimming through the articles you find will help you identify cases that address the issue or issues you are wishing to research.

Before you start searching, you need to know what you are searching for and how you are going to communicate that to Lexis Nexis Academic. See the Research Tips section for help creating your search.

Again, go to Lexis Nexis Academic. (if you are off campus, follow these directions to get the current GALILEO password)

  1. Click on US Legal (on the left-hand side)
  2. Click on Law Reviews
  3. Type in your search terms
  4. Select Sports and Entertainment Law
  5. Change field from Everywhere to At Least 5 Occurrences
  6. Click Search
Skim through these articles and then make note of the parties involved in the cases mentioned. Once you have those, follow the directions on Researching a Known Case.