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SPMG 4667: Legal Issues for Sports Management

A research guide for Courtney Flowers' Fall 2012 course, Legal Issues for Sports Management

Finding Cases

For one of your assignments, you have to research a known case and find information about it. Your professor has already provided you with the names of the parties involved so this research is really quite simple.

Later you'll redo these steps with a case you identify in a law review.

Lexis Nexis Academic is where you can find this information. Lexis Nexis contains the full-text of cases and appeals.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Go to Lexis Nexis Academic (if you are off campus, follow these directions to get the current GALILEO password)
  2. In the center column, type in the names of the parties of the case
  3. Click Go!
This will search all state and federal cases combined. If you want to separate out state and federal, click on US Legal on the left-hand side and you'll get more options for limiting the search.