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Information Technology Services After-Hours Procedure


To contact ITS for support (for situations outlined below) after normal working hours:  Contact the University Police Dispatcher with a brief explanation of the outage. Dispatch will contact ITS, and follow the escalation procedure if no call back occurs. 678-839-6000.

 In an effort to provide a high level of support after normal working hours for mission critical systems, Information Technology Services (ITS) has established the following procedure for requesting after-hours support:

 ·         The ITS Service Desk is open from 8AM – 8PM Monday through Thursday and 8AM to 5PM on Friday. The following procedure should be used outside of those normal working hours.

 ·         ITS will respond to situations that are deemed a risk to the life and safety of UWG constituents, could cause a significant liability issue for the University, or that impact a mission critical system.

·         The primary resources covered by this procedure are:

  1. Telephone dial tone service that affects a building or the campus (i.e. more than a single phone line outage).
  2. The campus network or wireless service that affects a building or the campus (i.e. more than a single desktop PC or laptop outage).
  3. UWG mission critical IT services (e.g. e-mail, web server, Banner, myUWG, the campus internet connection, firewall, DNS, Lenel Card Access Services, Pharos Print Services)

·         Examples that are not covered by this procedure are routine calls that are of a non-urgent nature such as: no dial tone or no Internet in a single office or residence hall room; forgotten passwords; a single PC malfunctioning. Those calls should be referred to the ITS Service Desk during normal working hours at 678 839-6587 or to

 received from Kathy Kral 2/2010