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Music Research

Resources and research information for music students and faculty.


I have created short (less than 5 minutes each) online videos that you can watch to learn more about finding library resources in music.  Each is captioned to help the hearing impaired.  Go to youtube to view the playlist.  The videos are available with or without closed captioning.

Or, just click on any of the following links.  Although each stands alone, I recommend that you watch them in this order

1.  Music Research Guide for overall guidance on finding library resources for music;

2.  Searching the Library's Catalog to view the tutorial on how to search Ingram Library's catalog;

3.  Quick Article Search to learn various ways to search for a journal article;

4.  Oxford Music Online to view a tutorial about using the Oxford Music Online database for scholarly articles related to music;

It takes less than a half hour to view all of these tutorials.  Give them a try!