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Find Your Research Focus: Student Workshop Series

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Welcome to our series of research workshops designed to enhance your library research skills! In these workshops, we will guide you through the process of conducting effective research using library resources, and equip you with the skills necessary to successfully identify credible sources, locate full-text articles to support your research. In addition, we will discuss strategies for evaluating and utilizing news sources to ensure you are accessing reliable information.

Our instructors will provide hands-on training and practical tips to help you navigate the research process, saving you time and helping you produce high-quality assignments. Whether you are a first-time researcher or an experienced student, these workshops will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to complete your final research assignments with confidence.

The library also offers one-on-one research consultations with subject librarians with research expertise in a variety of subjects. To meet with a subject librarian, click on "Get Help!" from the menu on the left.

If you have any questions about library workshops, please email CJ Ivory at

Workshop Schedule

**For workshops offered online, you will receive the Zoom link after registering for the workshop session. 




Wednesday, September 13th

12:30 pm

Understanding Weighted Grades (Face-to-face and via Zoom): This is a library workshop designed to help students grasp the concept of weighted grading systems used in various academic settings. Participants will learn how different assignment categories contribute to their final grades, empowering them to excel in their courses with a comprehensive understanding of grading structures.
Location: Aquarium and Zoom

Monday, September 25th 2:00 pm

Developing a Research Topic: Students will learn techniques to craft a focused and compelling research topic. Participants will explore strategies for identifying their research interests, narrowing down broad ideas, and formulating clear research questions.
Location: Main Floor Classroom

Tuesday, October 10th 12:30 pm When to just Google it!: Databases vs. Search Engines: While Google can be a useful research tool, it's not always the best choice. In this workshop, you'll learn when it's appropriate to use Google and when you should use other research tools, so you can save time and find the best sources for your research.
Location: Main Floor Classroom 

Tuesday, October 24th

3:30 pm

Two easy steps to finding high quality sources: Introduction to Discover GALILEO: Discover GALILEO is a powerful research tool that gives you access to high-quality sources for your academic research. In this workshop, you'll learn how to use this tool effectively in just two easy steps, so you can find the best sources for your research.
Location: Main Floor Classroom

Wednesday, November 8th

12:30 pm

Finding Primary Source Material (Face-to-face and via Zoom): Primary source materials are essential for many types of research, but they can be difficult to find. This workshop will teach you how to locate and access primary source materials, including documents, manuscripts, and photographs, using the resources available through the library and on the web.
Location: Aquarium and Zoom

Tuesday, November 14th 

11:30 am

Career Research Using Library Resources: Through hands-on experience, you'll learn to navigate databases to find professional publications and specialized career guides, unlocking the tools necessary to explore various career paths and industries. By the end of this interactive session, you'll possess the knowledge to make informed decisions about your future, armed with research gathered from publications written by experts in the field and industry insights found within the library's extensive resources.
Location: Main Floor Classroom


Main Floor Classroom

Aquarium Classroom