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Ingo Swann Fellows for 2022

About Ingo Swann Fellowship

Image of Ingo Swann: Black and white         

The Ingo Swann Research Fellowship was established in honor of artist, author, practitioner and teacher of remote viewing, Ingo Swann, to advance scholarship in the field of parapsychology and to encourage use of the human consciousness collections in the University of West Georgia, Ingram Library’s Special Collections in unique and creative ways.

2022 Ingo Swann Fellows

     Elizabeth Bergen-Bartel

Photo of Elizabeth Bergen-BartelElizabeth Bergen-Bartel co-founded the Mugen Ryu Martial Arts Academy in Chengdu, Sichuan, China in 2005. Bergen-Bartel’s history of training, teaching, and competing in the intense art of Kendo formed the base for her research on human consciousness under duress, seeking to understand how the mind and body adapt to extreme conditions. Bergen-Bartel holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of London and currently is a graduate student in the Comprehensive Human Sciences program at Tsukuba University in Japan. Her research is focused on the relationship between the flow state of consciousness, specifically the skilled variation known to high-level athletes as “the zone,” and predictive anticipatory activity. 

   Christopher Senn

Christopher Senn is a doctoral candidate in religion at Rice University, Houston. Senn holds a master’s degree in history from the University of South Alabama, writing a thesis on how investigations of séances have been utilized by psychical researchers to argue against the rise of philosophical materialism since the nineteenth century. His doctoral dissertation will examine how the systematization of psychic phenomena by the American government intersected with the development of Wide Area Networking technologies. Senn will also explore how those advanced technologies, in turn, were used to measure, elicit, and develop psychic abilities for people involved in government spy programs. 

Public Lectures

Both Fellows will present free public lectures on their research. These lectures will be held on the UWG Carrollton campus (Campus Center Ballroom 108.2) and live streamed.


Bergen-Bartel’s lecture will be Wednesday, October 26 at 7pm.

Senn’s lecture will be on Tuesday, November 15 at 7pm. 

For more information, please contact the Head of Special Collections in Ingram Library, Blynne Olivieri Parker, at 678-839-5455 or by email,