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A guide to library resources curated for Higher Education Administration doctoral students.

Finding Books Through Ingram Library

University of West Georgia Library Catalog

All books, ebooks, movies, and other materials in Ingram Library are listed in our online catalog.  You can search the catalog using the Book tab on the library homepage, or by clinking the link above.

Search the book tab of the library homepage to find UWG books

University System of Georgia Library Books

University of West Georgia students can use their student ID to check out books from any University System of Georgia library, including UGA, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University.  They can request items from other USG libraries be sent to Ingram Library for pickup, or to their nearest USG library.  Choose University System of Georgia in the drop down box on the catalog results page to search all USG libraries.

Click University System of Georgia to search all USG schools

Books that are not available through the UWG or University System of Georgia catalog can be requested for free via Resource Sharing.

UWG students enrolled in an online class or a class at a remote instructional site (like Newnan, Douglasville, or other locations) may request that physical materials such as books and dvds be mailed to them. Instructions to request delivery can be found here: Resources for Distance Learners

Helpful Links:

Accessing A Specific Book Through Ingram Library

Locating the Book

First check the location and availability.

For online books at UWG, click the "Online Access" link.

If UWG Library...

  • does not provide access to the e-book and does not have a print version of the book, the Library may be able to get a print version through Resource Sharing.
  • has only the electronic version of book and you want the print version, you can also request the print through Resource Sharing.

Print books have a physical library location. To find the physical location of a print book locate the catalog record. Then look at the "Available at" section of the record. If the book is available, the location will be listed by 1) the general Library location and 2) the call number.

General library location

Most books are in the Ingram Library Stacks, but some are in other Library locations (e.g., Special Collections, Government Documents Ready Reference). The location description also states on the relevant floor of the Library.

Call numbers

A call number describes the specific location of a physical library item. It consists of a combination of letters and numbers (e.g., HQ1762 .W63 1998). In the UWG Library Stacks, books with call numbers starting with A-H are on the 2nd floor; J-Z are on the 3rd floor.

Once you have the library location and the call number, use the call number to locate the book on the shelves. 

Reading call numbers

Start with the first letter in the call number. If the call number is HQ1762 .W63 1998, the first letter is H (so the 2nd floor of University Library).

  • Within the H's, you will find just H, then HA, HB, HC... and so on down to HQ.
  • Once you find the HQ's, look for 1762. (So HQ100 would come before HQ 1000 which comes before HQ1762.) This is a whole number.
  • Once you find HQ1762, look for the letter W.
  • Once you find HQ1762 .W, look for .63 - and note that this number is a decimal number, not a whole number.
  • Keep going until you find your book!
  • The last number is often the year the book was published or the copyright date.
Don't see a call number?
  • If the print book is currently unavailable, you may not see the call number in the record. You can first search in the catalog for another version of the book. If another version is unavailable, you may Recall the book or request it through Resource Sharing.
  • Remember that electronic books do not have a collection or call number; instead click on Access Online link.