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Copyright and Fair Use

Resources on Performance Rights

Education Exception

For the most part, lawful copies of films, music recordings and scores (for instance, scores in Ingram's collection, DVDs, CDs , most media licensed by the Library in our streaming databases) are eligible for non-profit use in face to face educational teaching environments in accordance with section 110.1, Title 17 of copyright law.   

When is licensing for Music or Films needed?

When the venue is public; when the public is invited; and when attendance is open to those beyond students enrolled in a particular class.  

Note, some items in Ingram Library were purchased with public performance rights included.  Please contact a librarian for information on the particular licensing stipulations for individual items in our holdings.  

Caution about Private Video & Music Streaming Services

If you wish to use personal copies or copies from your personal streaming subscriptions, consult your licenses. In most cases individual subscriptions to streaming services are restricted personal use only and thus are inappropriate sources of media to use for teaching or educational presentations.  In short, the limits in the licenses supersede the education exception.  There may be exceptions for individual items within the streaming services library of offerings, but the first step is to check your license.   

Film Licensing Agents

Consult these sources for obtaining rights to show films in contexts not covered by the Education Exception of the US Copyright Law (Section 110.1).  

Music Licensing Agents: