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Scholarly Resources and Services

An introduction to scholarly communication and various resources for researchers at UWG.

Resources for Digital Humanities and Data Visualization at UWG


  • Datawrapper -- There is a free version that allows one to create charts, maps, and tables and export them as .png files.  Attribution to Datawrapper is automatically included in each graphic that is generated.  
  • Excel-- Excel can be used for a wide variety of pie charts, bar charts, pivot charts and so forth.  Excel Campus has created an Excel Charts You Tube Video tutorial for presenting a variety of data visually in Excel.  Faculty, Staff, and Students at UWG have access to Excel as part of the Micros\oft Office Suite. Please see the list of licensed software available for download by members of the UWG community.  
  • Qualtrics -- UWG has a site license to Qualtrics, which is used to develop surveys.  Qualtrics does provide some visualization features for data.  See the Qualtrics informational site for more information about the visualization capabilities of the software.  
  • Tableau -- Offers advanced graphics for data analytics.  A free trial is available on the website.  Scroll down on the screen to find an offer for a free 1 year license for faculty and students who register using their school email.  
  • Visual Resources Center -- This is an image database that is designed primarily to support research related to Art & Architecture.  It is a project housed within the College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry (CACSI).  Access is via a UWG NetID.
  • Viz Palette -- This is an analytical tool that assists in color picking for data visualization. It helps with determining whether there is too little gradation/contrast with colors or whether there would be difficulties with the colors chosen for those who are colorblind.  This article by Elijah Meeks, one of the creators, describes the tool.   
  • Voyant -- A free online tool that produces word clouds and other visualizations of text that is cut/pasted into the Voyant field.  

Molecular Visualization (3D)

Chemical Drawing Software