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Scholarly Resources and Services

An introduction to scholarly communication and various resources for researchers at UWG.


Most publishers of books and monographs will require authors to supply lists of potential places where the book may be advertised.  This is typical.  Authors often know how to reach their intend audience better than  the publisher's marketing division.   So, think about

  • Professional associations where books may be advertised.  
  • Journals most likely to review the book
  • Potential readers provide endorsements for the back cover (use your professional networks)


Creating an Author Website  

Sometimes these are called vanity sites.  Often the hosting fees may be accounted as a self-employment business expense.   Example from a UWG Emeritus Faculty Member.  

Create a Wikipedia Entry

Here is a sample for a UWG emeritus faculty member.  From any Wikipedia page, you can create an account and log in (log in info is above the Wikipedia search box).    

Wikipedia: How to create a page:  Instructions and considerations when creating Wikipedia entries have been provided by Wikipedia itself.    

If you would prefer, contact Beth Sheppard in the library who will be happy to work with you and create a page on your behalf.  

Head Shot

  • The value of a professional head shot cannot be understated.  
  • It should be up-to-date.  A headshot should reflect your current appearance.  
  • Make certain to request or purchase rights to reproduce and use the photo from the photographer and be attentive to any requirements for photo captions or creator details when used in publications and digital media.  
  • Wear season-neutral colors/clothing.  There is nothing more disconcerting to potential audiences  than to plan to attend a December speaking engagement, but only a photo of the speaker depicts the speaker one wearing s summer seersucker blazer or sunshine yellow sundress.  Yet, wear what makes you feel good about yourself.  That confidence will come out in the photo.