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Financial Literacy and Personal Finance

Resources highlighting Ingram Library resources related to gaining basic information literacy. This guide was prepared by the students of LIBR2100 during Spring 2021.


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Financial literacy is a fundamental base of knowledge necessary for everyone’s long-term financial security. Financial literacy often has the misconception of being an overly complicated and daunting topic.  It is simply the ability to use knowledge and skills to create a sound personal financial position.  The purpose of this guide is to help users find information that will point the way to making solid financial decisions and deploy time-tested strategies to meet one's financial goals.   This project will  provide access to resources that will demystify many of the terms and concepts of the financial world.

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The project will highlight sources that explain time-tested investment strategies, discuss the differences between tax-deferred vs. tax-free investments, explain the importance of an individual’s FICO scores, and evaluate the complications of excessive debt. Unfortunately, many Americans will fail to comprehend the significance and adverse impacts of not being financially literate.

The project’s goal is to provide resources to allow users to self-educate  become empowered sooner in their professional careers so they can leverage the benefit of time with investments to maximize their returns.


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This resource was compiled by the students in a University of West Georgia Class LIBR2100, Information Literacy. Some participants in the course chose to remain anonymous,  Other members consented to be recognized in the contributor section of the site located in the menu bar.