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Regional History and Genealogical Sources

Regional history materials and genealogical sources.


When the railroad came in, 1873-1874, the Coleman brothers owned a sawmill, a gristmill, and a tanning yard, and perhaps a buggy shop. When Mr. Croft (who worked for railroad; Croft Street in Carrollton is named after him), the Coleman brothers wanted to name to railroad depot, Coleman. Mr. Croft looked at the railroad ledger, and there already was a Coleman, Georgia, and he proposed and abbreviation of Clem. --Story told to Curtis L. Spivey by M. T. Fuller, in approximately 2004. Story recounted to Blynne Olivieri Parker and William Drumm by Spivey, 22 June 2022. 


Lowell used to be named Trickum. 


First recorded in February 1, 1884 issue of Carroll Free Press: "A post office has been established at Shiloh campground by the name of “Burwell."


Community, largely Hungarian, in Haralson County east of Tallapoosa. There used to be a Catholic chapel there, which burned down in the 1970s according to an Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Carrollton, GA) parishioner. For more information, see book, Southern roots of Budapest (2013). More information might also be found in book held by West Georgia Regional Library System, Down the Red Dirt Road: The Budapest, Nitra and Tokai Settlements of Haralson County, Georgia by Joseph F. Conley in 2019.