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Afro-Latinx Studies

A guide to how to find resources for Afro-Latinx Studies


Afro-Latinx Studies is an area of research that spans many disciplines. There are no clear subject headings that will gather all of the relevant material together. Nor is there a consistent way that researchers use language to describe their research. Some terms used are: Afro-Latinx; Afro-Latino; and Afro-Hispanic. In addition to these terms that scholars use in their titles and abstracts, library databases sometimes use "Black people -- Latin America," "Black people -- Caribbean Area," and "African Americans and Hispanic Americans" as well as other combinations of terms.

Consequently, in order to find books, articles, and films for this topic, one has to do several searches using slightly different terms. This guide links to the UWG Ingram Library Catalog with some pre-programed searches as well as to some article databases licensed by Ingram Library. These are good starting points and students researching this area will also want to experiment with other search terms. Students might also want to contact the subject librarian, Anne Barnhart, for more help. 

Finding books, films or the names of journals (not articles):

Some searches in the Ingram Library Catalog. Clicking on the search terms below will open a new window linking to catalog search results. Many of the searches below will have some results in common but each also has results that are unique so it is worth looking at all of them: 

  1. Keyword search: Afro-Hispanic
  2. Keyword search: Afro-Latin* or afrolatin* (the * gives alternate endings so this will bring Afro-latino, afro-latina, afro-latin@, afro-latinx, etc)
  3. Subject heading search: Black people Latin America
  4. Subject heading search: Black people Caribbean area


Finding articles:
There are a few databases that will be relevant to this. The following links will open a new window with the search results for afrolatin* or afro-latin* or afrohispan* or afro-hispan* in different databases. Use the left-hand navigation in the results page to limit by date or to academic (mostly peer-reviewed) journals. When there is not a link to full text, use the Find-It button to link to options for getting the full text. Since these links are to resources that UWG licenses, you will be prompted to login if you are off campus.

  1. Hispanic American Periodicals Index
  2. Academic Search Complete
  3. America: History & Life

These are just some of the databases that will be relevant. These will get you started on your research. You can contact the subject librarian, Anne Barnhart, for more help.